Hot Jobs for the Future

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Hot Jobs for the Future

In a tough economy, it seems particularly important to choose a career with potential to grow.

Don't know where to start? My Next Move maintains a current list of occupations that are growing at a faster rate than average, occupations that have more job openings than others, and new occupations in growing industries.

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First and foremost, do what you love. But if you can, focus on areas in which there is a need.

Here's an Example

Maybe you love to travel, and it's your deepest desire to become a travel agent. Well, the need for travel agents is decreasing a couple of percentage points every year. Consider instead becoming a translator or interpreter, a career that is growing at rate that is 20% faster than average.

Being a translator will still allow you to do what you love—travel—and affords you some job security at the same time.

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