It's Not All About Money

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It's Not All About Money

When thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life, choose something that you genuinely like to do, not just something that will make you a lot of money. All of these factors should weigh in to your decision:

Question: Are my strengths a good "fit" for the job?

Answer: Ask yourself what kind of things you like to do and what you're good at. Are you comfortable speaking in front of people? Do you like animals? It's easier to narrow down your career choice if you know your strengths. After all, you may have the smarts to be a veterinarian, but if you don't like animals, it's probably not the job for you.

Question: Does my choice of career offer work/life balance?

Answer: Everyone has different needs when it comes to work/life balance. What are yours? Certain careers may require more than 40 hours of your time each week. Will you burn out quickly? Or will you thrive at the challenge? As you explore careers, consider the impact that each may have on your personal life.

Question: Will I receive fair compensation/benefits?

Answer: Never choose a job simply because it will make you rich. However, you do want to make sure that the prospective salary and benefits are suitable for the work you will do. If you feel underpaid, you may not want to work to the best of your ability.

Question: Will I have opportunity to improve my skills and advance?

Answer: Not everyone loves change. But if you're someone who wants a chance to hone your skills, move up the ladder, and tackle more challenging projects, choose a career with a lot of growth potential. Growing industries can offer the most diversity in terms of responsibilities and opportunities.

Question: Do setting and environment matter to me?

Answer: Take stock of your surroundings and how they affect you. Do you picture yourself working in an office or outside in the fresh air? Do you like being around lots of people, or do you think more clearly on your own? Considering that you will spend more than one-third of your waking hours at work, these issues should be an important part of your career decision-making.

Prioritize Your Needs

There are many other factors that go into job satisfaction—job location, daily stresses, colleagues. You can take some preventive steps by choosing a career that is compatible with your outlook and your vision of the future.

Prioritize the top five or 10 things you need most from a career and start your search.

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