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State of Residency

Monthly Income
Included Costs: Payroll Deductions amount, which consists of about 25% of your income, includes social security deductions, taxes, etc.
Included Costs: Housing amount includes rent and utilities and is based on sharing the housing expenses with more than one person, such as a roommate.
Included Costs: Transportation amount includes car payment, repairs, gas, and insurance.
Included Costs: Food & Beverage amount includes groceries, dining out, etc.
Included Costs: Clothing amount includes clothes, laundry, and dry-cleaning.
Included Costs: Phone/TV/Internet amount includes the cost of your telephone services, cable, and internet bill per month.
Included Costs: Savings & Retirement amount includes the amount you put away each month for these accounts.
Included Costs: Entertainment amount includes admissions, hobbies, pet care, etc.
Included Costs: Healthcare amount includes health insurance, medical services, medication, and medical supplies.
Student Loan Payment (Your monthly student loan payment is about 10.23% of your expenses.) $
Included Costs: Student Loan Payment is your interest and principal and is based on a 10-year Standard Repayment Schedule.
Monthly Expenses
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