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Work-Study Employment


Work-study is a type of student aid that gives you a way to earn money toward tuition and expenses by doing work on or off campus, often in your field of study.

The federal and/or state government provides the funds for work-study, and each school administers the program during the academic year.

The Financial Aid Office at your school should have the details specific to your program, such as:

  • Approved work-study employers
  • Types of work-study positions
  • Maximum number of hours per week you can work

Federal work-study is usually based on your financial need.

However, even if you are not eligible for work-study, there may be jobs on campus that would allow you to earn extra money to use toward tuition and expenses. Ask around to see what's available.

How to Apply

The first step to applying for work-study is to complete the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Go to the FAFSA

Apply as early as you can, since work-study funds are usually limited.

You do not need to report your federal work-study award as income when you renew your FAFSA.

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