What to Look for in a School: A Checklist

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What to Look for in a School: A Checklist

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As you begin your search for schools, consider the things that are important to you. Are there any "must-haves" that you refuse to compromise on?

Use this checklist to identify everything you are looking for in a school. Print a copy and keep it on hand as you research schools.

Type of School

What type of school best provides the education you are seeking?
Do you care if you go to public (state) or private school?
Would you be more comfortable at a school of a specific size?


What type of setting do you prefer?
Do you want to go to school in state or out of state?
Do you care if the school is located close to home?

Admissions Requirements

Do any of the following admissions requirements matter to you?

Financial Obligations

Will cost (tuition and fees) be a factor when you search for schools?
Must the school offer any of the following types of aid?

Academic Programs

Are you seeking a specific major that a school must offer?
What type of learning method do you prefer?
Would you learn better if classes were limited in size?
Are you looking for any special academic programs?

Athletic Programs and Extracurricular Activities

Must the school offer Division I, II, or III sports?
Must the school offer intramural sports?
Is it important to you that the school have sororities and fraternities?
Are there specific clubs or organizations that you want to participate in?


Where do you plan to live?
If living on campus, do you have any specific housing needs?


What other "must-haves" will factor into your school search?

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