Preparing for School

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Preparing for School

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Gear up for some college decision-making.

If you're planning to continue your education after high school, take some time to find out what kind of options you have and how to choose among them.

Make sure that whatever path you take is a good fit for your career goals.

  • Preparing for School Checklists

    Follow our simple checklists to view some key things you can do to prepare for more education after you graduate high school.

  • Standardized Tests

    Be familiar with the standardized tests you may need to further your education, including the ACT1, SAT2, GRE3, and more.

  • Find Schools

    Can't decide where you want to go? Use these resources to help make your decision easier.

  • Apply

    Learn how to shine during the application process and get ready for the arrival of your admissions decision letters.

  • College Prep for Different Types of Students

    Learn how the college admissions process may be different for home-schooled or cyber school students, student athletes, student with disabilities, and nontraditional students.

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