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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a national admissions test for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business administration or management.

The GMAT includes three main sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

Most test questions are multiple choice, although the writing component involves two essays. Expect to spend about 4 hours at the testing center.

The GMAT is administered online, and you'll see only one question at a time. As you answer each question correctly or incorrectly, the computer next displays a harder or easier question, respectively. In this way, the test adjusts to your ability, which can affect the amount of time that you spend taking the test and your final score.

Getting Ready

Check for GMAT study materials at your local library or bookstore. Here are some other ways to prepare:

Think you're ready for the real thing?

Simply find a testing center and register. The registration fee is $250, and additional fees may apply.

Scores to Aim For

Your total GMAT score can range from 200 to 800. Your score report will show you where you rank in comparison with others who took the test this year and with those who took the test during the previous 3-year period. About 65% of people who take the test score between 400 and 600.

Scores for the specific sections are as follows:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment—0 to 6 (in half-point increments)
  • Quantitative—0 to 60
  • Verbal—0 to 60
  • Integrated Reasoning—1 to 8

Each school you apply to may use your score report differently—there are no passing or failing grades. Investigate the schools you are interested in to find out the scores they are looking for.

What if you want a higher score?

You can take the GMAT no more than five times in the calendar year. The score report that schools receive will include all of your GMAT scores for the preceding 5 years.

Want to Know More?

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