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SAT Subject Tests1


The SAT Subject Tests are one way to stand out during the admissions process by demonstrating your expertise within specific subject areas. Schools look at SAT Subject Test scores when making admissions decisions.

Each multiple-choice test is 1 hour, and you can take up to three SAT Subject Tests at one time:

  • Literature
  • German
  • Italian
  • Math Level 1
  • U.S. History
  • German With Listening
  • Latin
  • Math Level 2
  • World History
  • Spanish
  • Chinese With Listening
  • Biology E/M
  • French
  • Spanish With Listening
  • Japanese With Listening
  • Chemistry
  • French With Listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Korean With Listening
  • Physics

SAT Subject Tests are optional, unless a school you are interested in requires them for admission. However, it is to your benefit to take the SAT Subject Test if you generally get good grades in that subject area:

  • Your scores can serve as a baseline for course selection and class placement when you start college.
  • If you score particularly well, you may be eligible for college credits at some schools.

Getting Ready

Check for SAT Subject Test study materials at your local library or bookstore. Here are some other ways to prepare:

Think you're ready for the real thing?

Simply choose a test date and register. The registration fee for the first test is more than $20, and additional fees may apply.

Scores to Aim For

Your SAT Subject Test score can range from 200 to 800. Your score report will show you where you rank in comparison with seniors across the country and seniors in your state who took the test the previous year.

What if you want a higher score?

You can take any SAT Subject Test more than once. However, unless your score differs by more than 60 points, it will really not affect admissions decisions.

If you do take a test more than once, you can choose to submit to your prospective colleges only your best scores (although some schools may want to see all of your scores).

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